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    Being an effective and clinically approved nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Voveran triggers a powerful impact on the essential body function and features associated with inflammation and pain. Diclofenac, an active ingredient of the treatment, works decreasing a range of body substances that activate pain and inflammation. Consequently, the drug is appreciated as dependable help, improving pain and bothersome symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and similar disorders. Besides, Voveran can be administered as a solution for menstrual cramps. Ask your healthcare provider about Voveran use in other instances, not mentioned in the safety instruction.

    Safety, Warnings, Precautions and Contraindications

    Before you start Voveran treatment course, you should obligatorily contact your doctor and get a complete list of safety recommendations and instructions. Since the medication produces a significant influence on the body functioning, it should be taken in accordance with the key safety concerns. The slightest drug misuse can stimulate the occurrence of life-threatening complications. A prolonged Voveran therapy or high doses of the drug may cause stroke, heart attack and similar conditions.

    Besides, severe allergic reactions and fatal stomach bleeding can be triggered by the medication overuse.

    Do not start Voveran treatment course in case you are sensitive to Diclofenac or other ingredients of the pharmaceutical.

    Additionally, patients, who are allergic to other NSAIDs, are contraindicated for its intake. Moreover, to promote 100% safe therapy, inform the doctor about other disorders and serious health issues you are diagnosed with, especially:

    bullet_ball_blue Fluid retention;
    bullet_ball_blue Asthma;
    bullet_ball_blue Kidney dysfunction;
    bullet_ball_blue Liver disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease and other heart-related disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Increased cholesterol level;
    bullet_ball_blue Abnormal blood pressure;
    bullet_ball_blue Diabetes;
    bullet_ball_blue Stomach ulcers, etc.

    Do not use Voveran in you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Besides, the drug is not recommended for patients under 18 years old.

    Effective Therapy: Recommendations for Use and Doses

    Follow the prescribed instructions in order to experience the significant improvement and Voveran effect. Never change the dose or other peculiarities of the treatment course. Mind the devastating consequences of the drug misuse. Despite different medication doses will be prescribed depending on severity and type of a treated condition, as well as general health state, the most common Voveran dose reaches 35 mg used orally three times a day. The maximal daily dose available is 150 mg.

    Voveran and Other Treatments: Misuse Complications

    Never combine Voveran with other drugs, unless your doctor has approved such a mix. The medication will interact with the following treatments causing dangerous side effects:

    bullet_ball_blue Other NSAIDs;
    bullet_ball_blue Blood pressure drugs;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart medications;
    bullet_ball_blue Blood thinners;
    bullet_ball_blue Lithium;
    bullet_ball_blue Antifungals and others.

    Seek medical assistance if you have got any serious reactions or complications after its use.