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    Tretinoin is another revolutionary formula of vitamin A that stimulates a skin renewal process. Due to the powerful impact of the active components on the body, the medication helps not only to treat acne, but also decrease mottled skin discoloration, prevent appearance of fine wrinkles, smooth rough skin and other disorders. Moreover, you can apply the medication in other instances, not mentioned in the safety guide. Consult your healthcare provider to get instructions for safe off-label Tretinoin use.

    Recommendations for Tretinoin Use: Effective Doses and Safety Directions

    Keep in mind that the medication may cause devastating reactions, if misused or overused. Never take it orally, as the remedy is for external use only. Apply the treatment to the skin only, avoiding wounded area, windburned, sunburned, irritated skin and similar zones. Take the medication accurately in accordance with the safety instructions and doctor’s prescription. An increased dose will not activate faster or better results, though it can trigger dangerous and bothersome adverse reactions. Tretinoin can be applied to dry and clean skin only. Wash your hands and the area of skin you need to treat and let it dry for minimum 20-30 minutes. Do not wash or clean the treated zone for an hour. Keep in mind that Tretinoin application serves only a part of the full therapy that also presupposes the use of protective clothing, avoiding sunlight and applying sunscreen. Take the remedy for the full duration of prescribed course, even though it may seem ineffective. Most commonly it takes up to several weeks until you can notice vivid improvements on your skin. Tretinoin dose is the same for all the patients, since you need to apply a thin layer of the medication to the affected zone. It is preferable to use the medication at bedtime.

    Issues Your Doctor Should Be Aware of Primarily to the Treatment Course

    Doctor’s consultation is an inevitable condition of an advantageous treatment course with Tretinoin. Your healthcare specialist will help you get the maximal effect out of prescribed medication and eliminate the risk of possible complications. Tretinoin is contraindicated for people, who are sensitive to its composition. Besides, complete action of the medication on unborn and nursing children is not known, so it is advised to avoid Tretinoin application being pregnant or breastfeeding. Certain other treatments may interact with Tretinoin causing bothersome abnormalities, so your doctor should know about other treatments you are currently taking.

    Dangerous Complications from Tretinoin Misuse

    Call your doctor or seek immediate medical help if the medication applications launched severe side effects or other health impairments. Tretinoin misuse can result in:

    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions;
    bullet_ball_blue Severe blistering, redness, crusting;
    bullet_ball_blue Burning, irritation or stinging of the affected area;
    bullet_ball_blue Excess sensitivity and other complications.