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    Tetracycline is a popular medication taken by people to treat a number of infections, such as acne. It belongs to effective antibiotics that work by stopping the bacterial growth, so it’s taken to treat only bacterial infections. You should be careful with its proper use because your mistakes may lead to its reduced effectiveness. Some doctors prescribe Tetracycline in the right combination with other anti-ulcer meds to treat stomach ulcers.

    How to Take Tetracycline without Mistakes

    Basically, this medication works best when it’s used on an empty stomach, so you should take it 2 hours after or 1 hour before meals. If you develop stomach ulcers, talk to your doctor about the possibility to use Tetracycline with food. Every dose must be taken with enough water, and it’s not allowed to lie down for a while after taking this drug, and that’s why patients don’t take it before their bedtime. Besides, it’s not advisable to use Tetracycline a few hours before and after any products that contain such ingredients as calcium, magnesium and aluminum. For example, you shouldn’t combine it with antacids, some didanosine forms, minerals, vitamins, sucralfate and others. The same precaution should be taken with different dairy products, zinc, iron and calcium-rich juice because they prevent complete absorption of Tetracycline. Your correct dosage must be based on your response to this medication and health condition. If this medicine it taken by kids who are less than 8 years old, their doses are based on their weight.

    Possible Mild and Severe Side Effects

    There are specific side effects associated with the intake of Tetracycline. For example, patients may develop the following mild symptoms:

    bullet_ball_blue Vomiting and nausea;
    bullet_ball_blue Mouth sores and diarrhea;
    bullet_ball_blue Loss of appetite and dizziness;
    bullet_ball_blue Black hairy tongue and headache;
    bullet_ball_blue Rectal discomfort;
    bullet_ball_blue Sore throat and allergies.

    Most users don’t have any unwanted signs when undergoing this treatment, but if you develop the following severe adverse effects, you need to call your doctor immediately:

    bullet_ball_blue Increased sun sensitivity and muscle pain;
    bullet_ball_blue Nail discoloration and urine changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Painful and difficult swallowing;
    bullet_ball_blue Tingling and numbness in feet and hands;
    bullet_ball_blue Gray and brown tooth discoloration;
    bullet_ball_blue Unusual tiredness and hearing changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Easy bleeding and bruising;
    bullet_ball_blue New signs of infections;
    bullet_ball_blue Yellow skin and eyes;
    bullet_ball_blue Severe stomach pain;
    bullet_ball_blue Dark urine and allergic reactions.

    In rare cases, the use of Tetracycline may result in increasing pressure inside people’s skull. Patients also need to get emergency medical help once they notice such symptoms as severe headaches, decreased vision, persistent vomiting, stomach cramping, blood in the stool and others. Moreover, this medication may cause serious intestinal condition because of resistant bacteria. If you take Tetracycline for a long time, you risk ending up with new yeast infections and oral thrush, so contact your physician once you notice vaginal discharge.