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    Suhagra is another PDE-5 inhibitor available in the market, and it’s designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It contains sildenafil as its active ingredient, and this medicine is available in different strengths, from 25 mg to 100 mg. Before you order it online, be sure to get more information to understand why it’s so popular and effective.

    Uses of Suhagra

    Basically, this medication is taken by men to treat their erectile dysfunction. This means that Suhagra helps male patients who have specific erectile problems achieve and maintain their erections when they’re sexually excited. To get a better idea of its mechanism of action, you should understand how erections happen naturally. When men are sexually stimulated, a penis is filled with more blood, so it hardens and expands. How does Suhagra help men? It works by enabling them to respond to sexual stimulation properly, so when they’re sexually aroused, their penis can be filled with enough blood to result in strong erections.

    Available Doses

    For most patients, the most common initial dosage is 50 mg taken 30-45 minutes before their planned sex. It’s possible to increase or decreases this dose based on personal tolerance and effectiveness, but a daily dosage shouldn’t exceed 100 mg. However, if Suhagra is taken with fatty foods, its onset of medical effects can be delayed.

    How to Use This Medication

    It’s not allowed to take more than one pill a day, and there are some groups of patients who are advised to start with a lower dosage, including:

    bullet_ball_blue Men who are older than 65;
    bullet_ball_blue Patients who have serious kidney and liver conditions;
    bullet_ball_blue People who take alpha blockers or different protease inhibitors, such as pills for HIV;
    bullet_ball_blue Men with hypertension or specific prostate problems.

    Basic Suhagra Contraindications

    This popular ED medication is contraindicated in male patients with any hypersensitivity to its active ingredient. Besides, this medicine is proven to potentiate the unwanted hypotensive effects of chronic and acute nitrate, so Suhagra shouldn’t be combined with any nitrates or nitrites because of serious health risks. This treatment is not suitable for men who have specific cardiovascular risk factors, so that they can’t participate in a sexual intercourse. If you have a history of NAION, this medication is not your best ED treatment, too.

    Possible Suhagra Side Effects

    The good news is that they are often moderate and mild, and most of them don’t last for a long time. Men who take 100 mg pills are more likely to develop unwanted side effects, and the most common ones include:

    bullet_ball_blue Dyspepsia and flushing;
    bullet_ball_blue Headaches and abnormal vision;
    bullet_ball_blue Urinary tract infections;
    bullet_ball_blue Nasal congestion and skin rash;
    bullet_ball_blue Dizziness and diarrhea;
    bullet_ball_blue Back pain and flu-like symptoms;
    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions;
    bullet_ball_blue Irregular heartbeats;
    bullet_ball_blue Vision changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Ringing in ears;
    bullet_ball_blue Painful erections.

    If any of the above-mentioned symptoms persist or worsen, men need to call their doctors at once.