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  • $111.20


    Pilex is a 100% herbal medical product developed and released by Himalaya Drug Company. Basically, it’s focused on important Ayurveda principles, so it’s quite effective for all users. Nowadays, you can find this product in 2 available forms, including convenient ointments and standard tablets. Both of them contain a bit different active ingredients, so they’re taken by patients for different purposes.

    Its Indications for Use

    Pilex is a herbal medication taken by people to decrease the size of their hemorrhoids and anal discomfort or pain. Besides, its intake is quite helpful to decrease the appearance of unwanted varicose veins that often happen in people’s leg region. When Pilex tablets are consumed, they start helping users control their venous congestion or disruption in their blood flow, which is one of the basic reasons why varicose veins develop. Furthermore, Pilex has incredible anti-infective properties that help this herbal medication promote the healing of patients and clear their infections.

    Its popular ointment version is often applied to decrease bleeding and swelling related to hemorrhoids, while its anti-inflammatory properties decrease the inflammation of mucus membranes and pile mass, thus, hastening the entire healing process. This natural product also contributes to easy fecal excretion by relieving people’s pain, and it comes only as brand version, so there are no generics.

    Therapeutic Indications of Pilex

    Pilex pills are quite helpful when treating the following medical conditions:

    bullet_ball_blue Non-bleeding and bleeding piles;
    bullet_ball_blue Varicose veins;
    bullet_ball_blue External and internal hemorrhoids;
    bullet_ball_blue Anal pain and discomfort.

    Its Great Health Benefits

    The intake of Pilex helps patients shrink the hemorrhoid mass and prevent any relevant bleeding. It also reduces inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes. This medicine works by decreasing rectal bleeding, relieving pain and itching while treating chronic constipation. These are the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids.

    Basic Guidelines on Its Correct Intake

    The right dosage of Pilex depends on individual tolerance and medical conditions. When it comes to adult patients who are in their normal health condition, it’s necessary to take 2 pills twice a day. For kids, it’s advisable to take only one tablet twice a day. This standard dosage can be increased up to taking it twice a day, but this option should be discussed with doctors in advance. It’s always best to take Pilex tablets with food, while its ointment version should be applied around the anus or as indicated by healthcare specialists.

    Possible Side Effects

    The good news is that there are no serious side effects associated with the use of this herbal medication. Many clinical studies and tests have proved the safety of taking Pilex. However, if you notice any uncommon or unpleasant symptoms, be sure to contact your physician at once.