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    Despite there are so many meds available to treat erectile dysfunction, men may get confused because it’s hard to choose the right one. The great news is that such ED medications as Nizagara can make this choice simple while solving all erection problems. It works by improving the blood flow in penile tissues, thus, making it possible for users to get and maintain firm erections. Sildenafil citrate is its active ingredient, and it’s responsible for the right blood flow and inhibiting PDE-5.

    How Nizagara Manages Erection Problems

    If you want to start taking this ED medication to improve your erections, there are certain things that should be considered first. Before using Nizagara, you should go to your doctor to be checked. It’s not advisable to start this treatment without consulting physicians if you don’t want to end up with side effects, drug interactions and other health risks. Nowadays, Nizagara is one of the most popular medications sold to patients who need to treat erectile dysfunction. Its intake helps them improve their sexual routine and boost their confidence easily.

    When This Medication Isn’t Recommended

    Meanwhile, men are not allowed to use Nizagara under certain circumstances, such as having allergic reactions to its components. When taking any type of nitrates, patients shouldn’t start this ED treatment because of dangerous drug interactions and serious side effects. If they develop priapism (painful and lasting erections), it’s necessary to stop taking this drug and visit a doctor at once. You can find Nizagara in the form of standard pills that come in two basic doses -100 mg and 50 mg. Talk to your doctor to determine the right dosage before starting this treatment according to your individual tolerance and other important factors.

    Possible Side Effects of Nizagara

    Just like many other meds designed to manage erection problems, Nizagara may also cause specific adverse reactions. However, most of these side effects are well tolerated by men, and they include:

    bullet_ball_blue Diarrhea and stomach pain;
    bullet_ball_blue Nausea and swelling;
    bullet_ball_blue Mild headache;
    bullet_ball_blue Vomiting and nose bleeding;
    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions.

    Most of them pass away on their own, but you should go to the hospital if any of these symptoms get worse. In rare cases, patients may develop serious side effects, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Confusion and angina;
    bullet_ball_blue Burning sensation and numbness;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart complications.

    How Nizagara Should Be Used

    It’s important to follow the necessary directions given by doctors as well as those written on the label. It’s not allowed to take this medication more than once a day because of increased risk of overdosing. Most men take Nizagara around 30 minutes before their planned sexual act, and they must be sexually stimulated to experience its erectile benefits. Make sure that you don’t combine it with alcohol, fatty meals and grapefruit, because these products reduce its effectiveness and prolong its response time. This medication will remain active for 4-6 hours.