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    Nicotinell is the top solution for people striving to quit smoking. The drug helps to decrease cravings, facilitating temporary smoking reduction and smoking cessation. The treatment also helps to relieve serious nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicotinell dose depends mainly on severity of withdrawal reactions. Contact your healthcare provider if you want to use the medication off-label.

    Nicotinell Administration for a Safe Effect

    Consult your doctor before Nicotinell intake, as its components provide a drastic influence on the organism, thus, require thorough medical assistance. The treatment should be administered in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and related safety recommendations. The treatment is available in the form of oral lozenge, which should be sucked till the moment its taste becomes strong. After that, the lozenge should be placed between the cheek and the gum until its strong taste fades. Then repeat the process again. The sucking process will depend on individual peculiarities of a patient, though, on average, it takes over 30 minutes to get the lozenge dissolved. Never take more than one lozenge at a time, as it can lead to undesirable reactions and devastating misuse side effects.

    Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for Nicotinell Administration

    Contact your doctor in order to achieve the maximal Nicotinell effects and witness no abnormalities at the same time. Generally, the medication has a range of contraindications, including patients, who are sensitive to nicotine or excipients. Additionally, the remedy is not advised for a non-smoker. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate Nicotinell administration, since its components may produce severe, life-threatening harm to an unborn and nursing child. Additionally, the drug is contraindicated for patients, diagnosed with:

    bullet_ball_blue Myocardial infarction;
    bullet_ball_blue Prinzmetal’s angina;
    bullet_ball_blue Abnormal or uncontrolled hypertension;
    bullet_ball_blue Serious cardiac arrhythmias, etc.

    Special dose adjustment may be required in case a patient has other conditions that may interfere with Nicotinell treatment course. Inform your doctor about the following disorders, if any:

    bullet_ball_blue Angina;
    bullet_ball_blue Occlusive peripheral arterial disease;
    bullet_ball_blue Hypertension;
    bullet_ball_blue Cerebrovascular disease and others.

    Nicotinell Interaction with Other Remedies

    Despite the medication is not likely to interact with other prescription and non-prescription remedies, herbal supplements and other pharmaceuticals, and their use should be reported to a healthcare provider. Mention all the treatments you are taking in order to eliminate the risk of unexpected reactions.

    Side Effects

    Call your doctor immediately or seek emergency medical help in case Nicotinell intake has resulted in severe allergic reactions. Additionally, the treatment can trigger other reactions, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Irritations;
    bullet_ball_blue Boosted salivation;
    bullet_ball_blue Heartburn;
    bullet_ball_blue Fainting;
    bullet_ball_blue Headache and others.