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    Mircette is classified as an innovative and highly appreciated contraceptive. Containing desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol as active components, the medication can prevent the egg release from the ovary, thus, warning possible pregnancy. Additionally, the ingredients of the remedy affect the sperm, making it harder to reach the uterus and also a fertilized egg, complicating its attachment to the uterus. Mircette may be also used for other instances, not listed in the safety guide.

    Contraindication, Precautions and Other Safety Concerns before Mircette Intake

    Consult your healthcare provider before using the medication. Mircette produces a powerful influence on the body preventing a woman from pregnancy. However, the medication may also increase the risk of other health concerns, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Heart-related problems;
    bullet_ball_blue Stroke;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart attack;
    bullet_ball_blue Blood clots and others.

    The danger is ultimately high if you are also affected by an uncontrolled cholesterol level, abnormal blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and others. Smoking is another factor that may severely impact your treatment course. Tell your healthcare provider about other health impairments and disorders you have, paying ultimate attention to:

    bullet_ball_blue Convulsions, epilepsy or other seizure issues;
    bullet_ball_blue Boosted triglycerides or cholesterol;
    bullet_ball_blue Varicose veins;
    bullet_ball_blue Increased blood pressure;
    bullet_ball_blue Gallbladder disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Tuberculosis;
    bullet_ball_blue Nodules, lupus, abnormal mammogram, etc.

    Special dose adjustment is required in case you have any of these disorders. Besides, Mircette therapy is contraindicated for patients, who are more than 35 years old, especially if they are diagnosed with any of the conditions:

    bullet_ball_blue Liver disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Liver cancer;
    bullet_ball_blue Vision problems and other complications, caused by diabetes;
    bullet_ball_blue Vaginal bleeding;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart-related diseases;
    bullet_ball_blue Uncontrolled or untreated high blood pressure;
    bullet_ball_blue Abnormal migraine headaches;
    bullet_ball_blue Jaundice and other issues, provoked by other contraceptives.

    Using Mircette for Maximal Results

    Talk to your doctor before the beginning of Mircette treatment course. Follow safety instructions and prescription of your healthcare provider to make the medication intake really effective and experience the desirable reaction. Mircette is an oral birth control drug for regular use. Each pill should be administered daily without skipping. Missing a dose will increase your chances of getting pregnant. An optimal dose and duration of the treatment course will be adjusted by your healthcare provider, depending on numerous factors, such as your health condition, other treatments you take, etc. Never change the adjustment to avoid possible complications.

    Possible Side Effects from Medication Misuse

    Call your doctor immediately if you have noticed any side effects after Mircette administration. Pay exceptional attention to conditions, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions;
    bullet_ball_blue Breast lumps;
    bullet_ball_blue Symptoms of the heart attack;
    bullet_ball_blue Blood clots or their signs;
    bullet_ball_blue Stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease;
    bullet_ball_blue Depression, anxiety and others.