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    Nowadays many men have problems with potency and erection. This question is very serious because men’s diseases make their lives worse, as they create a lot of new physical and psychological problems. However, the modern world suggests a plenty of good solutions! One of the most effective drugs able to cope with men’s problems is Malegra FXT Plus. It has lots of great reviews of satisfied men so far.

    Malegra FXT Plus is a new generation drug from Indian pharmaceutical company Sunrise Remedies. It is based on only two main active components: sildenafil citrate and fluoxetine (Prozac). Such a combination of components restores potency very effectively and makes sexual intercourse longer. Moreover, with the help of Fluoxetine, Malegra FXT Plus is a mild antidepressant, and it also helps relieve tension and fatigue. It becomes much easier to cope with excitement and relax.

    By the way, fluoxetine (Prozac) is very popular remedy all over the world today to cope with stress, and over the past several years it appeared to be the third in the list of the most prescribed antidepressants by all the doctors. It has high effectiveness as it allows enhancing libido and has a qualitative erection during sexual stimulation. In addition, it is able to make a sexual intercourse longer on average by 200 – 400%, and to increase the sensitivity of the head of the penis, which makes orgasms more vivid.

    After the treatment with Malegra FXT Plus men have confidence in the sexual power tension and their anxiety disappears. Moreover, if you take it regularly, therapeutic effect occurs: the problem of early ejaculation disappears. The remedy is completely suitable for people from 18 to 75 years old, but before you take it, it is desirable to talk with your doctor.

    The most important advantage of the remedy is not only a successful combination of active ingredients, but also a fairly prolonged time of action – from 4 to 6 hours. The remedy starts acting just after 30-45 minutes after the intake. When you use it, you should avoid taking fatty foods and drinking alcohol.

    Key Benefits of Malegra FXT Plus

    bullet_ball_blue High effectiveness for all men;
    bullet_ball_blue Very quick effect – 45 minutes;
    bullet_ball_blue Additional duration of action – to 4 – 6 hours;
    bullet_ball_blue Just a little number of side effects;
    bullet_ball_blue Solution of two main male problems at once: low erection and fast ejaculation;
    bullet_ball_blue High relaxing effect and boosted libido.

    Malegra FXT Plus: Dosage, Side Effects and Storage

    You should take the drug in an amount not more than 1 pill per 24 hours, with plenty of water (at least 250 ml). To enhance the effect it is recommended to take it in the morning on an empty stomach and avoid the intake of alcohol and nourishing food while using the drug. The best and most effective time of ingestion is 30-60 minutes before a planned sexual intercourse.

    Possible side effects are the following:

    bullet_ball_blue Mild headache;
    bullet_ball_blue Dizziness;
    bullet_ball_blue Dry mouth;
    bullet_ball_blue Slight indigestion.

    The remedy is stored at a temperature of about 25 C in a dark place. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the manufacturing date.