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    Lamisil is an antifungal drug indicated to treat a number of infections caused by particular fungus. The tablets are prescribed to treat various infections of fingernails and toes. It’s a brand name of one more popular medication – terbinafine. The usage of the drug is approved by the FDA. Lamisil oral granules are suggested to treat scalp hair follicles fungal infections even in children who are 4 years old.

    Safety Information

    A number of people who take the medication experienced severe liver damage, which later resulted in liver transplant. However, it’s not clear whether Lamisil caused such side effects. Do not use the medicine if you have an allergy to the drug or its ingredients. To make sure it’s safe for you, tell your doctor about the following conditions:

    bullet_ball_blue Liver problems;
    bullet_ball_blue Weak immune system;
    bullet_ball_blue Depression;
    bullet_ball_blue Lupus;
    bullet_ball_blue Psoriasis;
    bullet_ball_blue Breathing problems;
    bullet_ball_blue Taste and smell changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Fever;
    bullet_ball_blue Quick weight gain;
    bullet_ball_blue Skin sores;
    bullet_ball_blue Loss of appetite.

    It’s still not clear whether the drug can harm the fetus. If you have an infection, it’s better to start treatment with Lamisil after pregnancy. Certainly, tell your doctor about being pregnant. The drug is passed into the breast milk and is harmful to a nursing baby, so it’s not recommended to breastfeed during the treatment with Lamisil.

    How Should I Take Lamisil?

    The medication should be taken the way your doctor has prescribed. Carefully read all the directions on your prescription label. Do not increase or reduce the amount of prescribed drug. You can take tablets with or without any food. If you were indicated Lamisil granules, you should sprinkle them into a spoonful of mashed potatoes or pudding. Do not mix the medication with fruits juices, applesauce and fruit basic or acidic foods. Do not chew the mixture, but swallow it right away. Do not keep the medicine for later usage.

    Lamisil is usually prescribed for the period of 6 weeks to treat fingernail or scalp infections. If you have toenail infection, the period of treatment may last up to 12 weeks. The drug should be used during the whole indicated length of time. The symptoms will improve only when the infection is completely cured. Skipping the medication dose can enhance further chances of getting an infection. Moreover, you can become resistant to antifungal medications.

    The drug is not prescribed to treat viral infections, such as cold and flu. It’s recommended to make frequent blood tests while being treated with Lamisil. Several months can pass until your nails return their previous appearance after being infected. Store Lamisil at room temperature; hide from any moist, light and heat. Use a sealed packet for granules. If you take too much of Lamisil, you may experience the following side effects:

    bullet_ball_blue Dizziness;
    bullet_ball_blue Headache;
    bullet_ball_blue Vomiting;
    bullet_ball_blue Abdominal pain;
    bullet_ball_blue Rash;
    bullet_ball_blue Nausea;
    bullet_ball_blue Frequent urination.

    It’s recommended to avoid sunlight while being treated with this drug. Lamisil can make your skin very sensitive.