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    Epivir-HBV is taken by patients to treat hepatitis B infections, but it’s not a cure of this serious disease, and it can’t prevent its passing to other people. This medicine belongs to NRTIs that work by slowing down the growth of viruses, thus, reducing possible liver damage.

    Basic Guidelines on Its Correct Use

    Doctors prescribe their patients to take Epivir-HBV orally, with and without meals, only once a day. This medicine should be taken regularly to get its full benefit, and patients should use it at the same time each day. The right dosage is based on individual tolerance and medical condition. In very rare cases, patients are at risk of lactic acidosis and fatal liver disease when taking Epivir-HBV. That’s why they should be closely monitored by doctors while undergoing this treatment.

    Mild and Serious Adverse Effects

    Like other medications, Epivir-HBV is responsible for causing certain side effects, but most of them are mild and occur rarely. For example, some patients who take this drug may experience the following mild symptoms:

    bullet_ball_blue Vomiting and nausea;
    bullet_ball_blue Dizziness and diarrhea;
    bullet_ball_blue Fatigue and headaches;
    bullet_ball_blue Different nose, throat and ear infections.

    If any of these side effects worsen or persist, your doctor should be notified immediately. Most patients who take Epivir-HBV don’t experience any discomfort. However, if you develop the following serious side effects, you need to stop this treatment and get medical help:

    bullet_ball_blue Sudden mood and mental changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Severe vomiting and nausea;
    bullet_ball_blue Muscle and joint pain;
    bullet_ball_blue Stomach pain and dark urine;
    bullet_ball_blue Yellow eyes and skin;
    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions and drowsiness;
    bullet_ball_blue Rapid or deep breathing;
    bullet_ball_blue Numbness or tingling in your feet and hands.

    Precautions when Taking Epivir-HBV

    Before you start this treatment, you should be examined by doctors and report if you have any allergies to other drugs. Inform them about your medical history, especially if you have pancreatitis, blood disorders, kidney and liver diseases, etc. Besides, the intake of Epivir-HBV may make you drowsy or dizzy, so such activities as driving should be avoided for safety reasons. All kinds of alcoholic beverages should be avoided, and patients with diabetes should be careful when taking this medicine, because its liquid form may contain sugar. Epivir-HBV is removed by kidneys, and their function decrease as people get older. This means that older patients are more prone to the side effects caused by this drug. Children may be more sensitive to its adverse effects, too, especially if they have pancreatitis.

    Possible Drug Interactions

    There are certain medications that should be avoided when taking Epivir-HBV, because this combination may lead to drug interactions. Don’t combine this treatment with HIV medications if you don’t want to end up with severe side effects and other health complications. Epivir-HBV may also affect the results of specific lab tests, so medical specialists need to know that.


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