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    Dutas serves an effective medication that decreases the symptoms of hair loss, benign prostatic hyperplasia and several other disorders. The active ingredients of the medication shrink the prostate and decrease the danger of urinary retention. As a result of Dutas intake, a patient has no necessity to undergo a surgery. Besides, the medication can be administered either alone or in a combination with other pharmaceuticals for a better effect. Apart from the positive impact on the enlarged prostate, the drug prevents and treats male pattern hair loss. Keep in mind that Dutas may reverse balding process in males with mind and moderate hair loss, though it cannot restore hair lost a long time ago. Ask your healthcare specialist about other Dutas instructions and possible uses.

    Recommendations for Safe Dutas Intake

    Consult your healthcare provider before the medication intake in order to benefit from the therapy and witness no complications. Follow the doctor’s prescription and safety instructions to experience the desirable effects. Dutas is produced in the form of capsules with 0.5 mg strength. The remedy should be used regularly, preferably at the same time daily. You can administer capsules with or without food. A complete therapy may last for over 6 months.

    Never change the adjusted intake specifications; otherwise, you risk either getting a decreased effect or stimulating side effects occurrence. The medication overdose may appear if you chew, break or crash the capsules. Keep using Dutas for a full length of prescribed therapy to feel positive effects. Skipping doses may prevent you from the wanted result.

    Dutas Contraindications and Precautions

    Certain groups of people are contraindicated for Dutas intake. Make sure you meet all the requirements primarily to the beginning of the treatment course. Never start the drug intake if you are allergic to any ingredient of enlarged prostate treatment. Also Dutas should not be used by:

    bullet_ball_blue Patients allergic to Dutasteride;
    bullet_ball_blue Women and children;
    bullet_ball_blue People with severe health problems that may interact with the remedy.

    Besides, there is a range of medications that may interact with Dutas leading to aggravating side effects. Provide your doctor with detailed information about other prescription and non-prescription drugs you take, paying exceptional attention to:

    bullet_ball_blue Ritonavir;
    bullet_ball_blue Diltiazem;
    bullet_ball_blue Itraconazole;
    bullet_ball_blue Verapamil;
    bullet_ball_blue Ketoconazole;
    bullet_ball_blue Nefazodone and others.

    Dutas Abnormalities and Side Effects

    Despite Dutas capsules are commonly effective and completely safe, the medication is not likely to produce severe side effects. However, the drug misuse or overuse may lead to several complications and condition aggravation. Call your doctor and stop Dutas intake if you have noticed devastating abnormalities, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions;
    bullet_ball_blue Impotence;
    bullet_ball_blue Decreased libido;
    bullet_ball_blue Breast tenderness;
    bullet_ball_blue Skin rash, etc