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    Differin is a popular and effective medicine taken by many patients to treat acne. Basically, it works by reducing the severity and number of acne pimples while promoting their fast healing. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called retinoids, and its intake affects the growth of specific cells while reducing such annoying symptoms as inflammation and swelling.

    Correct Use

    It’s necessary to wash hands before applying Differin in addition to cleaning affected skin areas with mild cleansers. Use fingertips to apply a thin layer of this medication, and most doctors recommend their patients to do that only once a day (before their bedtime). You can use a cotton swab or a gauze pad to apply this location, and make sure that it won’t get into your eyes or mouth. It’s not allowed to use Differin on any sunburned, scraped, cut or affected skin areas. If this medicine gets into your eyes, you need to wash it down with a lot of water. During the first weeks of this treatment, acne may become worse as this medicine works on pimples that form inside your skin. So, it takes up to 12 weeks to experience its full benefit. Be sure to use Differin regularly to get the most out of it. Using it in larger amounts or more often than needed is a bad idea because you will only develop such unwanted signs as skin peeling, pain and redness. Nowadays, you can find this medication in a variety of forms and strengths, and the right one depends on your particular skin condition and individual response to this therapy.

    Unwanted Differin Side Effects

    There are some unwanted side effects that may be caused by the use of this medication. For example, some patients feel a brief sensation of stinging or warmth right after applying it. Some of the most common symptoms that occur during the first few weeks of this treatment include the following:

    bullet_ball_blue Skin dryness and redness;
    bullet_ball_blue Scaling and itching;
    bullet_ball_blue Worsening of acne and mild burning.

    The good news is that these side effects usually reduce with continued use of Differin. However, if any of them gets worsen, you need to notify your physician at once, because your dose, strength and other parameters may be changed to stop them. In rare cases, some patients may end up with serious side effects, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Very irritated or red skin;
    bullet_ball_blue Eye redness or watering;
    bullet_ball_blue Intense burning sensation and skin discoloration;
    bullet_ball_blue Eyelid swelling and allergic reactions.

    Differin Contraindications

    Before you start applying this medication, inform your doctor any possible allergies and your medical history, including eczema. Its intake can make some patients sensitive to the sun, so it’s advisable to avoid prolonged sun exposure. Users also need to avoid any hair removal procedures when treating their skin conditions. Finally, some medications that may potentially interact with Differin and cause drug interactions include products that contain glycolic acid, alcohol, sulfur and anything similar.