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    Cozaar, with Losartan being its active component, belongs to a group of angiotensin II receptor antagonists. The medication works preventing narrowing of blood vessels, lowering the blood pressure and advancing the blood flow. As a result, the treatment serves an effective medication against high blood pressure in children above 6 years old and adults. Besides, Cozaar is frequently prescribed to prevent stroke and related heart disorders in patients with certain health conditions. Cozaar can also be administered to decrease prolonged kidney damage in people with diabetes (type 2) and accompanying blood pressure disorders. Ask your doctor about other instances you can safely and effectively use Cozaar.

    Recommendations for Cozaar Intake: Uses and Doses

    Consult your healthcare provider before Cozaar intake. Make sure you do not have any illnesses that may change the effectiveness of the treatment course or trigger undesirable side effects. Follow the prescription without any changes if you want to experience the necessary effect and achieve positive results. Never change the adjustments, including the dose, duration of the therapy, etc.

    Cozaar may be used with or without food, depending on personal preferences. Inform your healthcare provider in case you have got diarrhea, vomiting or similar disorders after the medication intake. Your doctor will advise you to check the blood pressure often to ensure you get the maximum from the treatment course. Other urine and blood tests may be requested in certain groups of patients.

    The whole treatment course may last up to 6 weeks, so keep taking the drug according to the prescription and similar issues. Ask your doctor about the optimal Cozaar dose that will be sufficient for a positive impact in your case. Despite it will vary greatly, due to numerous peculiarities of patients’ health conditions, an average effective dose is 50 mg used orally once a day. The maximal Cozaar dose is 100 mg daily.

    Safety Cozaar Considerations: Precautions and Contraindications

    Provide your doctor with details of your health condition, mentioning all the complications, health disorders and illnesses. Do not start the treatment course in case you are allergic to any of its ingredients, especially Losartan. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the medication intake due to a high risk of possible complications in both a mother and a child. Additionally, warn your doctor about diseases and dysfunctions you have, including:

    bullet_ball_blue Congestive heart failure;
    bullet_ball_blue Kidney or liver disorder;
    bullet_ball_blue Electrolyte imbalances;
    bullet_ball_blue Dehydration, etc.

    Cozaar with Other Drugs and Possible Complications

    Certain medications may interact with Cozaar causing undesirable reactions and side effects, thus, do not use the treatment together with:

    bullet_ball_blue Celecoxib;
    bullet_ball_blue Lithium;
    bullet_ball_blue NSAIDs;
    bullet_ball_blue Diuretics;
    bullet_ball_blue Other blood pressure drugs.

    Otherwise, severe allergic reactions, kidney disorders, increased potassium, angina and other dangerous symptoms may appear after Cozaar intake.


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