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    This medication contains mebeverine as its active ingredient, and it belongs to a class of drugs called antispasmodics. Basically, they are designed to calm intestine and gut muscles, thus, preventing their compression and relieving the pain caused by it. Colospa is often prescribed and taken to treat IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. This medical condition is characterized by such painful and annoying symptoms as diarrhea, flatulence and pain.

    Is Colospa Suitable for All Patients?

    There are some groups of patients who shouldn’t start this treatment, so don’t take it if:

    bullet_ball_blue You have any allergic reaction to its ingredients;
    bullet_ball_blue You’re less than 18 years old;
    bullet_ball_blue You have liver and kidney complications;
    bullet_ball_blue You’re pregnant, breastfeeding or want to get pregnant.

    Besides, Colospa may potentially interact with other meds, so you need to tell your physician about other herbal supplements and drugs that you’re taking now. Drug interactions should be avoided at any cost, because they change the way medications work and increase your risks of having unwanted side effects. That’s why you should keep a full list of other meds that you’re using.

    How Should Colospa Be Taken Correctly?

    Nowadays, this medicine is available as capsules that should be taken orally and with meals. If you miss any dose, be sure to take it as soon as you can, but you should skip it and stick to a standard schedule if it’s almost the time for the next dosage. Most patients are prescribed to take 135 mg of Colospa (or 1 capsule) three time a day. After several weeks of this treatment, they get its health-giving effects, and this is when regular doses can be gradually decreased.

    What Are Important Precautions and Warnings?

    Patients should be quite careful with the intake of Colospa if they have any kidney or liver problems, porphyria, heart diseases, breastfeeding, pregnancy, etc. This medication may cause dizziness, so it’s not advisable to drive or perform other activities that require full alertness.

    Is There Any Addition Information about Its Use?

    You can find Colospa as film-coated and extended-release capsules. Be sure to take it as directed by your physician, and you need to use this medication with meals. The most common dosage is 135 mg taken 3 times a day, but some patients are prescribed to take 20 mg 2 times a day. Everything depends on their individual tolerance and effects. It’s not allowed to take this medicine for longer than needed, because you risk ending up with serious side effects and other health problems.

    What Are Its Possible Side Effects?

    There are some side effects caused by the intake of Colospa, including:

    bullet_ball_blue Skin rash and redness;
    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions and constipation;
    bullet_ball_blue Nausea and vomiting;
    bullet_ball_blue Dizziness and drowsiness.

    The great news is that these symptoms are very rare, and most of them are either mild or moderate. However, if you experience any serious or bothering signs, call your doctor at once.


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