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    Cabgolin is an innovative medication that belongs to the group of dopamine receptor agonists. The revolutionary composition of the medication affects hormone prolactin, decreasing its range, thus, eliminating the symptoms of related health problems. The medication blocks the action and production of prolactin eliminating the symptoms of tumors. Besides, your healthcare provider may determine other Cabgolin uses.

    Contraindications and Warnings for Cabgolin Administration

    Discuss the medication intake with your medical specialist, since its action promotes a significant impact on your body functions and processes. Inform your doctor about all the illnesses and health complications you have. Patients allergic to the active components of the drug should avoid its administration. Additionally, the remedy may cause abnormal reactions, if a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. Severe birth defects and unwanted health influences can be launched in case Cabgolin therapy was started without doctor’s recommendation. Special dose adjustment is required if a woman has other health complications, especially:

    bullet_ball_blue Increased blood pressure;
    bullet_ball_blue Fibrotic issues;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart valve disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Kidney or liver issues, etc.

    Interactions of Cabgolin with Other Pharmaceuticals

    Tell your medical specialist about other prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using. Also mention vitamins, minerals, verbal products and other pharmaceutical supplements you are currently administering. Some drugs may interfere with Cabgolin leading to unwanted effects. Do not combine the medication with:

    bullet_ball_blue Triptans;
    bullet_ball_blue Butyrophenones;
    bullet_ball_blue Thioxanthenes;
    bullet_ball_blue Macrolides;
    bullet_ball_blue Phenothiazines or other medications that may activate or increase the action of possible side effects.

    Recommendations for 100% Safe and Effective Cabgolin Therapy

    Take Cabgolin following the prescription and safety instructions mentioned on the safety label. Never change the adjustment, even if the treatment seems ineffective. Report any disorders to your healthcare provider, since he/she can occasionally diversify the dose for a better effect. Generally, Cabgolin is an oral treatment that can be used with or without food. Follow the adjusted schedule and avoid skipping doses.

    Side Effects and Misuse Reactions

    Once you have missed Cabgolin dose, you need to take it the first possible moment. However, it is better to skip it in case the following planned dose should be used soon. Never increase or double the next dose to avoid overdose with its consequence. Seek emergency medical help if Cabgolin use activated allergic reactions or other devastating health abnormalities, such as:

    bullet_ball_blue Behavior changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Lightheadedness, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness;
    bullet_ball_blue Severe stomach disorders, nausea, vomiting;
    bullet_ball_blue Urination disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Breathing issues;
    bullet_ball_blue Swelling;
    bullet_ball_blue Unexpected weight gain and others.