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    Brand Levitra is a popular erectile dysfunction medication which is taken by men who have ever experienced such a devastating condition as impotence. The active component of the medication, vardenafil, works relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels walls of the penis, thus, helping increase the flow of blood to this important male organ.

    Important Facts to Know about Brand Levitra

    The medication is prescribed to those male patients who experience temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction. It cannot be mixed with other impotence treatments to avoid side effects occurrence or medications that may cause sudden drop of blood pressure. Besides, don’t take Brand Levitra together with nitrate drugs and riociguat and seek urgent medical help in case you have sudden vision loss or prolonged and/or painful erection that lasts 4+ hours. Never use this treatment if you are allergic to its active component. Do not eat grapefruits, drink grapefruit juice and alcohol to avoid additional risks, as these products may interact with Levitra and provoke the occurrence of unwanted adverse reactions.

    It is recommended to consult your doctor to make sure the treatment course will be safe and beneficial in case you are suffering from any of the following issues:

    bullet_ball_blue Low or high blood pressure;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart rhythm problems, heart disease, recent history of stroke;
    bullet_ball_blue Kidney/liver disease;
    bullet_ball_blue History of Long QT syndrome;
    bullet_ball_blue Any blood cell disorder;
    bullet_ball_blue Seizures or convulsions;
    bullet_ball_blue Bleeding disorder;
    bullet_ball_blue Problems with vision or hearing;
    bullet_ball_blue Peyronie’s disease;
    bullet_ball_blue Stomach ulcer;
    bullet_ball_blue Retinitis pigmentosa or any other eye disorder;
    bullet_ball_blue If you were prohibited to have sex for medical reasons, etc.

    Note that the use of brand Levitra may cause sudden vision loss as it decreases the flow of blood to the eye optic nerve, however, this condition was experienced by a small number of patients who had risk factors or pre-existing eye conditions. Moreover, it wasn’t proven that vardenafil was the one responsible for the appearance of this issue.

    Intake Recommendations

    Levitra has to be taken according to the directions given by your healthcare provider. You shouldn’t take lower or higher doses than recommended. Administer your dose when needed (usually an hour before any sexual activity) with or without food once a day. Take into account the fact that erection will not occur if there is no sexual stimulation.

    The initial dose of brand Levitra is 10 mg a day, however, your medical specialist may either decrease or increase it according to your response and tolerability.

    Side Effects

    Among the common side effects are the following:

    bullet_ball_blue Headache;
    bullet_ball_blue Stuffy nose;
    bullet_ball_blue Back pain;
    bullet_ball_blue Diarrhea;
    bullet_ball_blue Flushing;
    bullet_ball_blue Dizziness.

    Usually these symptoms are mild and pass as soon as your body gets used to the components of the medicine. However, if they persist, you should contact your healthcare provider.

    If you have noticed the following side effects, you should stop taking the drug immediately:

    bullet_ball_blue Sudden hearing loss or changes in hearing;
    bullet_ball_blue Symptoms of heart attack;
    bullet_ball_blue Shortness of breath;
    bullet_ball_blue Swelling of the body parts;
    bullet_ball_blue Prolonged erection;
    bullet_ball_blue Irregular heartbeat;
    bullet_ball_blue Convulsions or seizures, etc.