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    Classified as an angiotensin II receptor antagonist, Avapro interferes with the blood circulation and heart functioning. Irbesartan, the active ingredient of the medication, prevents the process of blood vessel narrowing, balances the blood flow and improves blood pressure. Due to a powerful effect, Avapro is considered as an innovative high blood pressure medication. The treatment can be used with other medications for a better effect. Additionally, the drug can be prescribed for other conditions, such as kidney disorders and related impairments. Ask your healthcare provider about off-label Avapro intake.

    How to Add to Safe Avapro Course

    Administer the medication in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and safety recommendations to witness the desirable effect and avoid possible complications. Never increase or decrease the dose or other adjustments, as it can lead to the drug misuse with its harmful consequences. Your healthcare provider may change the prescription based on the response of your organism to the components of the treatment.

    Avapro should be regularly used with or without food. Since the treatment severely affects the blood pressure, it should be checked often during the therapy. Keep using the medication for a complete length of the therapy, as hypertension usually shows no signs. Inform the doctor about all the health issues, disorders and accompanying complications to get proper dose adjustment. Despite it will vary depending on individual peculiarities, an average Avapro dose is 150 mg taken a day. The maximal dose may reach 300 mg.

    Safety Avapro Considerations: Contraindications, Precautions and Interactions

    Consult your healthcare provider primarily to Avapro intake. Do not start the medication intake if you are sensitive to Irbesartan or other ingredients of the drug. Besides, you should not use the drug in case you are diagnosed with severe kidney dysfunction. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are contraindicated for Avapro intake. Combining the drug with Aliskiren containing drugs may lead to dangerous reactions.

    Inform your doctor about other diseases that may change the route of the therapy, especially:

    bullet_ball_blue Congestive heart failure;
    bullet_ball_blue Kidney dysfunction;
    bullet_ball_blue Liver disorder;
    bullet_ball_blue Dehydration and others.

    Certain prescription and non-prescription drugs, minerals, vitamins, herbal remedies and other supplements may interfere with Avapro therapy. To avoid undesirable complications, provide your doctor with a full list of medications you are taking.

    Side Effects and Misuse Reactions

    Avapro, being a potent medication, can provoke a range of side effects if misused or overused. Thus, diarrhea, fatigue, stomach disorders, heartburn and other minor complications may appear after the drug intake. Call your doctor if the symptoms aggravate and trigger more dangerous complications, including:

    bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions;
    bullet_ball_blue Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;
    bullet_ball_blue Urination disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Lightheadedness;
    bullet_ball_blue Reasonless weight gain;
    bullet_ball_blue Confusion, etc.