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    Being an innovative corticosteroid, Aristocort is an approved solution of inflammatory disorders. The active ingredients of the treatment provide a drastic impact on the organism, decreasing the inflammation and advancing the immune system. Consequently, the remedy can be effective against diverse medical problems, including allergic reactions, connective tissue problems, inflammatory conditions, adrenal cortex insufficiency and others. Numerous other cases of Aristocort use can be determined by a healthcare provider.

    Aristocort Safety Considerations: Contraindications, Warning and Precautions

    Do not start Aristocort intake without doctor’s examination and dose adjustment. To prescribe the correct dose that will be sufficient for positive changes, your doctor will need to know all the information about the patient’s health conditions, diseases he/she has and other individual health peculiarities. The medication is contraindicated for patients, who are:

    bullet_ball_blue Sensitive to Aristocort components;
    bullet_ball_blue Take other medications, which can interact with the drug, especially Mifepristone;
    bullet_ball_blue Are diagnosed with fungal infection;
    bullet_ball_blue Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Additionally, certain other health dysfunction and related conditions can interact with Aristocort use, leading to aggravating symptoms. Ask your healthcare provider for special dose adjustment in case you have any of the complications, including:

    bullet_ball_blue Any type of allergies;
    bullet_ball_blue Recent vaccination;
    bullet_ball_blue Abnormal mental or psychical condition, especially depression, sudden emotion or behavior change, anxiety, myasthenia gravis;
    bullet_ball_blue Heart disorders, kidney or liver issues;
    bullet_ball_blue Osteoporosis;
    bullet_ball_blue Underactive thyroid;
    bullet_ball_blue Intestinal and stomach issues, heartburn, diarrhea, etc.

    How to Achieve Top Aristocort Results

    Aristocort should be used according to the doctor’s recommendations and safety instructions. An increased or decreased dose can cause numerous dangerous complications. Avoid changing the medication adjustments striving to benefit from its course. The treatment is commonly prescribed for regular use, thus, take Aristocort every day, preferably with food. The optimal time to administer the medication is approximately 8 in the morning. Once you have missed a single dose, you’d better skip it if the next scheduled one should be used very soon.

    Aristocort and Other Medications: Interactions and Possible Side Effects

    Tell your doctor about prescription and non-prescription remedies, herbal products and other pharmaceuticals supplements you are using. Otherwise, their combinations with Aristocort may activate devastating side effects. Pay ultimate attention to the medications, including oral contraceptives, Clarithromycin, Mifepristone, Itraconazole, Aspirin, Barbiturates, Hydantoins and others.

    The treatment misuse can activate the occurrence of allergic reactions and several other severe complications, especially:

    bullet_ball_blue Bone fractures;
    bullet_ball_blue Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other stomach disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Swelling of arms and legs;
    bullet_ball_blue Menstrual periods changes;
    bullet_ball_blue Breathing problems and others.