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    Aciphex is classified as a proton pump inhibitor that produces a drastic impact on the organism, balancing the amount of acid produced within the stomach. The main ingredient of the drug, Rabeprazole, helps to experience the desirable improvement fast. Even a short-term therapy allows decreasing the gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms. The remedy can be administered by adults and children over 1 year old. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and related conditions, involving excess stomach acid production, may be treated by Aciphex. Moreover, the drug helps to heal duodenal ulcers. Combining Aciphex with other medications, a patient may prevent ulcers.

    Contact your doctor to get other instructions for Aciphex use.

    Using Aciphex with Maximal Benefit

    Do not start the medication intake without previous doctor consultation. Once you have got a prescription, you should follow it without any changes. Never increase or decrease the adjusted dose, neither prolong the length of the therapy. The treatment is available only for short-term use that does not exceed 8 weeks.

    Generally, Aciphex should be used with water, with or without food. To experience the maximal possible effects, the drug should be used at around the same time daily.

    Keep using the medication for a complete duration of the therapy, since the symptoms may disappear earlier than the condition itself. Call your doctor before making any decisions considering Aciphex therapy.

    Contraindications, Interactions and Precautions for Use

    Aciphex is contraindicated for patients, who are allergic to any components of its formula. Besides, the drug should never be taken by patients, who:

    bullet_ball_blue Administer other Rilpivirine containing medications;
    bullet_ball_blue Allergic to similar drugs;
    bullet_ball_blue Are diagnosed with severe health disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    To ensure complete safety of the Aciphex therapy, you should inform your healthcare provider about other illnesses and impairments you have, with ultimate concern to:

    bullet_ball_blue Osteoporosis;
    bullet_ball_blue Liver disorders;
    bullet_ball_blue Reduced magnesium levels in the blood;
    bullet_ball_blue Low bone mineral density and others.

    Besides, your doctor should know about other prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using, with exceptional regard to Warfarin, Methotrexate and other pharmaceuticals.

    Aciphex Abnormalities and Side Effects

    Despite Aciphex is safe and is not likely to cause dangerous complications, its overuse or misuse can trigger a range of undesirable abnormalities and complications.

    Seek immediate medical help if you have noticed hives, swelling, breathing disorders or other symptoms of allergic reactions. Among other Aciphex reactions reported are:

    bullet_ball_blue Bloody or watery diarrhea;
    bullet_ball_blue Stomach discomfort;
    bullet_ball_blue Kidney issues;
    bullet_ball_blue Seizures;
    bullet_ball_blue Signs of decreased magnesium ranges;
    bullet_ball_blue Symptoms of bleeding;
    bullet_ball_blue Headache;
    bullet_ball_blue Flu or cold symptoms;
    bullet_ball_blue Weakness, confusion and others.


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